About Arthshila

An initiative of Takshila Educational Society, Arthshila is an immersive platform for creating and sharing ideas centred around the arts with spaces designed to facilitate artistic expression and curate creative experiences. Our focus is on architecture, cinema, design, literature, performing arts & visual arts across four unique locations—Ahmedabad, Santiniketan, Patna, and New Delhi. The Arthshila centres offer regular quality curation of performances, seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and interactions that seek to inspire curious minds.

Connecting the Arts and the People

Our vision is to unite the arts with its people through enabling environments designed to facilitate both artistic expression and creative experience and the dialogues in-between.

Core Team

Founder of Takshila & Arthshila

Executive Director

Immerse. Engage. Inspire.

At Arthshila, you will always be welcome to immerse yourself in the arts through platforms of active participation. Here we push ourselves to always be curious and spark curiosity in the minds of artists and audiences alike. To inspire a creative mind, we curate every showcase of the arts, or dialogues on art, to be thought-provoking, sharable and memorable.

The Takshila Art Collection

At present, the collection is endowed with over 1500 works of art — comprising of painting, sketches, graphic art, photograph, ceramics, sculptures, and installations — from the Contemporary Art and the Folk and Tribal Art segments. It represents creations from almost 20 Indian indigenous art traditions and over 275 artists — 245 from India and 30 from 15 foreign nations. A part of this growing collection is created through the symposia and residencies organized at the Arthshila Art Studios. This collection will be accessible via the Arthshila New Delhi centre and will rotate amongst the 4 centres thematically with the programming of each. The Takshila Art Collection will be revealed with the launch of Arthshila New Delhi.

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