Talk | Puppetry

Almost With Nothing…
A Shape, A Motion, A Breathe

Sunday 5 Feb 2023 -
Sunday 5 Feb 2023

17 : 00 | Ahmedabad

About The Event

A Talk & Puppetry Demonstration by Frédéric Simon 

Puppets seem to be alive, but they are made of materials and sometimes with almost nothing. However, something magical happens when people, not only children, are mesmerized by a raw shape. It’s a mix of manipulation ability, a part of the mystery, and a fine collaboration with the audience. In this session, Frédéric will share his works with us followed by a demonstration of Puppetry.

About Frédéric Simon:

After finishing his studies in Economy,  Frédéric joined the Théâtre du Nain Jaune as an Actor cum Director and eventually as a Set Designer, Puppeteer, and Transmedia Author. He was introduced to Peppetry By Jeanne Heuclin and Dominique Houdart in 1992. He was the Director of Alliance Française de Bombay until 2020. He met some Indian puppeteers and proposed workshops for professionals and young people in different parts of India and Nepal.

He is currently teaching online at the University of Mumbai (Department of French). He is working on the translation of the book “An Outline of Jainism” in French. He is working on his last fiction play which is based on the destiny of a fictional famous Dalit Bollywood singer.

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