Film Screening | Discussion

Book Discussion followed by documentary Film Screening | Khyapa khuje phere

Wednesday 2 Aug 2023 -
Wednesday 2 Aug 2023

17 : 30 | Santiniketan

About The Event

About the book:
The book, ‘Khyapa khuje phere’ by Nishad publication, delves deep into the details of the Folk festivals of Bengal. This book focuses on Vanjo and Karam Parab, Badna Parab, Gajon, Satya Narayan, Satyapir, Makhdumbabar Majar, Patachitra and more.

About the film:
Showcasing, ‘Vanjo’, an unscriptural feminine fertility cult, is one of those women-dominated agronomic rituals which are still in vogue. Bagdi, Haari, Dome – the ethnic underprivileged Bengali communities generally take part in.

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