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Film Showcase – August 2023 | Week 2

Friday 11 Aug 2023 -
Sunday 13 Aug 2023

17 : 00 | Ahmedabad

About The Event

Arthshila Ahmedabad’s Film Showcase this week features a series of short films reflecting on the ambitions of youth, progress, diversity and education in the wake of Independence in India.

‘This Bit from That India’ by S.N.S. Sastry is a layered reflection on youth culture, diversity, progress, education, technology and sexuality. The film juxtaposes documentary moments that celebrate individual freedom with a theatrical performance of Federico Garcia Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba, as a metaphor for repression and conformity.

‘Indian Youth: An Exploration’ by Shyam Benegal explores the problem of Indian youth.

‘Explorer’ by Pramod Pati is an experimental short which daringly uses rapid cutting, dissonant noises, intercut negatives etc. to capture the tensions the urban youth of India experienced following the turmoil of the ’60s.

‘I am 20’ by S.N.S. Sastry is a unique film which resulted from interviewing the selected people who were born on Independence Day in 1947 from different parts of India. It was to find out about their hopes and desires, ambitions, hobbies, fears and frustrations.

Join us for the screening at 5.00 pm on 11 August 2023 (Friday) and at 11.30 am on 12-13 August 2023 (Saturday – Sunday).

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