Film Screening | Discussion

Film Showcase – January 2023 | Week 4

Saturday 28 Jan 2023 -
Saturday 28 Jan 2023

18 : 30 | Ahmedabad

About The Event

The documentary ‘Kanade’ is centered on the architect-brothers, Shankar and Navnath Kanade. Despite being from a small village, they stepped ahead to achieve greater goals. Success to them did not mean financial security alone, but the idea of doing good work no matter what the challenges. The Kanade brothers are a testimony of how life and work can coexist with honesty as the fundamental driving factor.

Their practice, Shilpa Sindoor spanning five decades, reinvented the housing typology to make it economically viable and relevant to the context of the city. Widely considered an important milestone in Indian Architectural history, their journey, and experiences as architects and teachers are invaluable for the younger generation.

Teepoi is a media production company established in Bengaluru in 2008, founded by architects Karishma and Vandana and filmmaker Vishwesh. The focus of Teepoi is to document and archive Heritage, Art, Architecture, and Culture through visual media.

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