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Film Showcase – March 2023 | Week 1

Friday 10 Mar 2023 -
Friday 10 Mar 2023

18 : 00 | Santiniketan

About The Event

15 Mins | Bengali
Followed by an interaction with the director Debraj Naiya

‘The world is a battlefield. In many levels. And the worst sufferers are the helpless little kids. Pain, devastations & deaths are their nightmares. Shall these little hands survive to the land of dream,
hope, celebration ….’

“Beejankur” (Seedlings) is a film by Debraj Naiya.
A teacher by profession, he spends a lot of his time with children where a good number of them are first-generation learners. His encounter and conversation with these children of poverty-stricken households and abusive parents planted the idea of Beejankur.
A film that speaks volumes through the images of children for whom this entire world feels like a battlefield.

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