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Sunday 4 Sep 2022 -
Sunday 4 Sep 2022

11 : 00 | Ahmedabad

About The Event

Written & Directed by Vinay Sharma

Starring Ashok Singh & Vinay Sharma

Date: 17 September 2022 (Saturday) | Time: 6.30 pm onwards

Using an ironic juxtaposition of humour with the tragic and the serious, Padatik and Rikh’s presentation ‘ho sakta hai do aadmi do kursiyaan’ uses two chairs and two actors to tell a number of stories through intense and inward performances.

Zooming in on fragments from different individual lives, these apparently unconnected stories are linked by the emotions born of love, loss and absence.

The chairs become a mercurial, ever changing metaphor as the play intersects urban relationships and makes the implicit statement that we are given life to experience compassion not to inflict violence and that those who do not recognize the fragility of life may succumb to either an inner decay or to a moment of rage which endangers society.The performance is an exploration of stillness and silence, word and image, inscapes and instresses and also an exposition of emotion in various shades.

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