Exhibition | Photography

A Photography Exhibition by Pepe Zalba

Saturday 21 Jan 2023 -
Sunday 12 Feb 2023

18 : 30 | Ahmedabad

About The Event

Jose Antonio Zalba (Pepe) studied creative photography back in the 90’s. He worked professionally until he came to India in 2005 where he went through a process of rediscovering his creativity through batik and furniture. Photography kept on lurking in the back, doing the work needed, asking the wrong questions.

MoonBrush  was one such question. How much a photo can tell, how much a photo can hold? Cartier Bresson talked about the fraction of a second. Here he wants to create little stories with time, frozen, compressed. Pepe used the moon with her hidden aura to draw him the truth he was not wanting to see. Stories of pain and beauty in black and white.

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