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Panel Discussion
The Future of Memory in the Present: Possibilities of Archive-Making

Sunday 16 Apr 2023 -
Sunday 16 Apr 2023

18 : 00 | Santiniketan

About The Event

The dual desire of creation and exploration of the archives is an engagement with a sense of enchantment to complicate not just trace the points of origins and relations of connections. With the onset of decolonization, the repository of the empirical knowledge systems was challenged to lay bare its absolutism – an extension to mobilise the kaleidoscopic view of memory. In the current times of hyper-populism, the necessity to identify the gaps in mainstream history and fascination to document the marginalised narratives has once again reactivated the role of an archivist. A gesture by artists, researchers, and cultural activists to navigate the fluidity of memory in the present. The interventionist approach embraced by the speakers of the panel discussion is aimed to revitalise the many possibilities of archive and its making, to initiate the discussions around the nuanced political struggle, cultural capitalization, and identity-making exercise at large.

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