Masterclass | Event

Storytelling Through Sound

Saturday 26 Nov 2022 -
Saturday 26 Nov 2022

18 : 00 | Santiniketan

About The Event

Sounds are embedded in almost every aspect of daily life, from communication and artistic expression to commerce, politics, and our social and cultural identities.   Aurality or hearing is one of the five senses of humans. While vision is limited to the field of view, hearing has the innate ability to localize the source of events in full 360-degree. The temporal nature of the sound makes it both a challenging and interesting field of study. The masterclass talks about the use of Sound in storytelling in Indian Cinema.

Hitesh Chaurasia is an Associate Senior Faculty,
Discipline Lead, Film and Video Communication,
Festival Director Alpavirama at
National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, India

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