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The Mahatma on Celluloid: A Cinematic Biography Lecture and Book Release with Prakash Magdum

Sunday 30 Apr 2023 -
Sunday 30 Apr 2023

18 : 30 | Ahmedabad

About The Event

Mahatma Gandhi remains one of the most photographed and filmed persons in the world. The camera loved him and followed him like a shadow throughout his life. Yet, despite being a public communicator par excellence, Gandhi chose not to use the then newest form of art-cinema. He was steadfast in his belief that it was a bad influence. The book is a unique take on cinema’s tryst with Mahatma Gandhi, a theme arguably not explored before. Filled with anecdotes, it is a treasure trove of cinematic representations of Mahatma Gandhi.

In this session, Prakash Magdum will present a lecture and release the new publication.

Join us this Sunday at 6.30pm to attend this insightful session.

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