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Situated at the heart of Shyambati, Santiniketan, the space sits in close proximity to Rabindranath Tagore’s idealised imagination of an education space— Vishwabharati University. Iconic sites like Tagore's Ashram complex, Upasana Griha, Kala Bhavan, the large in situ sculptural masterpieces by Ramkinkar Baij, Sangit Bhavan, Nandan Museum, Uttarayan complex and Rabindra Bhavan Museum are all within walking distance from the centre. Besides these legendary historical sites, the centre is surrounded by an idyllic environment, with the Kopai river, the Khoai landscape and the Shonajhuri forest surrounding the centre.

The Library

The collection includes books on Art and Artists that might not be easily accessible to students and interested readers. The collection also hosts a section on books on Art for children. Parallely, the collection serves as an archive for researchers.

The Galleries (Gallery 1, 2, 3)

The Gallery spaces, divided across the ground floor (Gallery 1 and Gallery 2) and the first floor (Gallery 3), are exhibition spaces that host exhibitions on fine art, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, and textile works, art installations, works in various art mediums, and works by artists across genres from the Masters to the upcoming contemporary artists.

The Hall

The Hall hosts lectures, talks, film screenings, programs, and performances. The space is also designed to host different programs and workshops and is imagined as a space of overlap between diverse interests.

The Garden

The Garden extends outside the Hall as an adda space, in line with the ethos of Shantiniketan. It is planned to change into an upcoming cafe area in the near future. The Garden is housed by various trees— from Mango trees to the Amaltas (the Golden shower tree) with various birds and butterflies always visiting— all of which together lends the centre its personality.

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